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Post  dotts on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:50 am

So me and clark have been talking all morning on the new rankings that are out and how flawed they are and be sweet if we got more input to bash our rankings etc etc etc...I might add more than just top 5 if need to

Our top 5 is as follows:
Clark Dotts
1. Bama Bama
2. Texas Flordia
3. Florida Texas
4. VT Houston
5. Houston Boise

Feel free to put up your top 5, drop comments on how i am favoring the little guy to much or on clark has texas in the 2 spot ahead of flordia.

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Crazy Poll rankings Empty Re: Crazy Poll rankings

Post  gameface1324 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:58 am

Ive ranted about this enough today, but here is my top 25:

After week 4:

1. Alabama (hard to argue beating VT)
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. VT (only loss to Bama, and HANDLED Miami)
5. Houston (Beat a top 10 team and another good TT team)
6. Cincinnati
7. Boise State (Beat Oregon but nothing else impressive)
8. Iowa (beat previous top 10 PSU)
9. Oklahoma State (Beat UGA and was beaten barely by good Houston Team)
10. Georgia (Lost to Okla St but did manage to luck into win vs SC)
11. South Carolina (Barely lost to UGA, beat good Ole Miss team and has a top 3 defense)
12. TCU (hasnt really beaten anyone yet but #1 D in country imo)
13. Nebraska (only loss to VT by last sec TD)
14. Oregon (only loss to Boise, and has beaten 2 ranked teams including Cal)
15. Ole Miss (lost to a good SC team imo)
16. Oklahoma (hanst looked impressive without Bradford, lost to BYU)
17. USC (loss to decent Washington team, still too much talent to be lower than this)
18. Miami (only loss to great VT team)
19. Ohio State (Only loss to USC, but hasnt looked impressive in any of their wins)
20. Michigan (Cant dispute they are undefeated and has looked great at times)
21. Penn State (only loss to Iowa)
22. USF (beat ranked and good FSU team)
23. LSU (has looked terrible and lucky to be undefeated)
24. Cal (Only loss to Oregon, who beat 2 ranked teams)
25. Auburn (4-0 and beat solid WVU team at home, albeit benefit of 6 turnovers)

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Crazy Poll rankings Empty Re: Crazy Poll rankings

Post  DMT1809 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:05 pm

Ok I'll post in here too...but I'm gonna do a power rankings that isn't like the polls lol

Power Rankings:
1. Florida
4. USC (Even though they lost to my Huskies you can't argue about the talent on the team)
5. Ole Miss (Thursday night games on ESPN "Where ranked teams go to DIE"- if any of the other teams in the top 3 played a thursday night game this year you can rack up the L)

OK here's my top 10 poll
1. Florida (Undefeated...but go to Baton Rouge at night...Tebow post concussion...but it won't matter Florida is gona blow em out!!!)
2. Texas (Got jobbed last year and Colt McCoy is hitting his groove right now)
3. Alabama (The best defensive line in the country and an overall top 5 D)
4. Cincy (They can run the table with that offense (but will they get in over a 1loss SEC or Big 12? idk)
5. Houston (for right now but I think they'll slip up)
6. TCU (Like you said Clark excellent defense and defense wins championships)
7. Va Tech (Destroyed everyone's darling Miami and if they don't slip up have an outside shot at the BCS game).
8. Nebraska (I'm sippin the Bo Pelini Kool Aid!!!)
9. Iowa (Thankfully beat Penn St and if my Buckeyes arent playing in the title game I don't wana see any Big 10 team play in it!!!)
10. Boise St (If they run the table they still shouldn't get in...put em in the Fiesta Bowl lol)

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Crazy Poll rankings Empty Re: Crazy Poll rankings

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