The crap 2009 recruiting

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The crap 2009 recruiting Empty The crap 2009 recruiting

Post  gameface1324 on Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:53 am

As most of you know, at least the ones who were online that night, EA glitch screwed us out of 3 weeks of recruiting... We got to advance twice, doing 2 or 3 weeks worth... then it skipped the rest of the recruiting and we got stuck with what the PC got us. So the guys who werent there, you had to real disadvantage.

I went from #7 recruiting class with several 5 star prospects possible, to #31 with no real signees after the sim cept a 4 star FS.

Thats why I didn't do a big recruiting breakdown post of everyone, what they signed, who had the best classes, etc. I will this season, assuming it goes right

Also learned some things to not do next time:

-Not to let ppl recruit from same PC, if we do it all at the same time
-To try this season to just do daily or twice daily (12 hour) advances, and just take 3 or 4 days to recruit so everyone can take their time and work on it, post about it, etc

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