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Preseason Reports

Post  DMT1809 on Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:16 pm

Position by Position Breakdown:

QB- Pierre Smith FR- He's got the strongest arm and from day 1 he was guaranteed the starter if Locker left.

HB- Chris Polk (SO RS) would have been an AA if he had stayed healthy. Will split time with Curtis SHaw (JR) who had 1000 yards and 15 TDs.

FB- Two walkons that can't run block...not good.

WR- Deandre Goodwin (SR) & Vince Taylor (SO RS) will be the primary guys on the outside. Anthony Boyles (SO RS) has the best hands in traffic out of the rest of the group and will be the slot WR.

TE- KAvario Middleton (JR) was money with Locker ly (8TD's and 20 yp catch). His breakaway speed will be clutch on 2nd down plays and Marlion Barnett (SO) can fill in easily (87 spd).

OL- We have 2 new starters at LG & C...OL is very thin so no RS's this yr. My left tackle gave up 14 sacks ly and it would have been 20+ if Locker wasn't a speedster. He'll get extra help on that side this year.

DL- We have 2 new DE's with 1 tkl each last season. Our 3 monster DT's (91, 90, 89 OVR's) have all american potential. Was contemplating going with a 5-2 just to keep all 3 on the field throughout the game.

LB- Kind of scared here..we have a fresman LOLB who can tackle through a brick wall (84) but can't beat the coach in a race (77 spd...71 ACC).

CB- Love all my DB's..these guys can play man or zone, press coverage, or play the run. JR RS Quenton Richardson is eyeing the Thorpe Award and a 1st round draft selection at corner or safety (52 tackles, 15 PD 2FF). On the other side is Matt Mosley (SR RS) who looks to be an all pac 10 selection after another solid yr at corner.

S- I love safeties and these guys are our best defensive options Johri Ferguson, our FS (JR) was money he had 61 tkls and 2 sacks. VHT (Very Highly Touted Prospect for all you non Phil Steele guys lol) AJ Wise gets the nod at a SS spot. He'll be the man run support as our freshman LOLB Derrick Colean matures. Nate Williams passed up a shot at an NFL playoff run (possible late 2nd rounder) to return and beat USC. HE'll be our main cover safety but his 8 TFL and 4 sacks will help us with our running defense.

K- Freshman walkon 79 OVR- chika chika yeh!!!

P- Freshman walkon 82 OVR- BOOM HEADSHOT!!!!!

Recruiting- We have 16 schollies to offer (12 grads and 4 in case of early departures) and we have mainly targeted guys in the trenches on both sides, an extra safety..and more LB's as we don't have much depth. I'm predicting a Rose Bowl bid and a 10-2 regular season...Pierre SMith...remember the name. farao

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