New Rules for Season 2

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New Rules for Season 2 Empty New Rules for Season 2

Post  gameface1324 on Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:29 pm

-Chew Clock - in user vs user games, you can only chew clock with under 2 min to go in the half, or 5 min to go in the game.

-Rolling out - Users found to be rolling out with the QB on non roll out plays, to take advantage of the AI, will be warned and then kicked from the OD. You can of course roll out to avoid sacks, but when the sole purpose is to expose flaws in Defensive AI, and you do this alot in a game or several times only on crucial downs, you are cheesing.

- "Run guessing" - using hte guessing feature too often will get you in trouble in user games. I know there are 3 directions to guess, but you can just about guess any direction and completely blow up the play (it is very retarded and I like the idea behind it but the defenders shouldnt explode as fast as they do). I have seen ppl guess run, it be a pass play, and yet the defenders get to teh QB so fast it doenst matter that they guessed wrong. We will outlaw this on user vs user games. I dont care what you do in CPU games.

-Recruiting - we will start only being able to sign the # of seniors leaving +4. So if you have 9 seniors on the team, you can only have 13 scholarship accepts.

if anyone has other ideas, feel free to contribute to the discussion of these or other rules

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New Rules for Season 2 Empty Re: New Rules for Season 2

Post  dotts on Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:00 pm

clark didnt meantion this but these are rules that are used in 95% of ODs in some form. Our rules are very lax to some (ie the run guessing is completely out of the question in user v user matches) but others are there to keep people balanced and things realistic

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