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Post  gameface1324 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:11 pm

(Under Construction)

1. If you get a job offer to go to another school, you can only move up 1 star at a time. For example, if you are a 3 star School.. you can only accept a position at a 4 star school, play a season, then you can move to 5 star if offered, etc

2. As of now, there are no "cheese" rules... the game has done a pretty good job of taking out most of the cheesy stuff, and running the same plays over and over hurt you now. Just dont be an ass and do stuff that a normal team wouldnt do... like taking the RDE and lining him up all the way over to the outside of the LDE so that you get a direct line to the QB... thats just something no team would do and taking advantage of the game mechanics

3. Games must be played within 2 days (every other day)... if sim time comes up and games arent played and arent "in progress".... I will advance the week and your game will be simmed.

4. The only exception to rule 3 will be Saturdays... lets face it, this is a college football game and Saturdays will be our "Holy Day" as someone put it.... If I sim to the next week on a Thursday night, you have Fri and Sunday to play, before the week gets simmed Late Sunday night or early Mon Morning... aka, Sat is a free day.

Also if someone is going out of town on a weekend, we may make a day or half day exception here and there, if it is asked for in advance.

5. If anyone wants to join the league at a later time, they can pick up any unused 3 star team mid season, or wait till a season is over and take up during offseason recruiting. Everyone starts at 3 stars.

6. We will be playing on adjusted All-American sliders, which I will list below:

7. As for "restarts"... if you didn't realize, the game tracks and tells us if someone restarted a game against the CPU, and how many times. I realize things happen... ie power flashes during storm, kid knocks PS3 and it resets, etc.... but if it becomes a common occurrence for you, you will be kicked from the league. We will ALL lose to CPU teams with 3 star schools.... dont expect to go 12-0 every year. It happens, deal with it

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Dynasty Rules Empty Re: Dynasty Rules

Post  DMT1809 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:49 pm

nice rules...idk man im like Rex Ryan when it comes to Defense lol i might just go 12-0...not callin it just yet...gota see my roster and my schedule lol but don't be surpised if i make a run at a BCS title year one lol

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