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Bowl Coverall

Post  gameface1324 on Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:02 am

Hey guys, Im going to run an office pool coverall for $10 a sheet, if anyone wants in

No idea on payout till I know how many I have. I am gonna prob have around 50 entries I figure so thats $500 right there. I did one of these at work a couple years back and did it for $20, and 1st place won $400, 2nd $300, etc

I will be running it coverall, pick all teams, with point spread. Will only have a small window between bowl selection and the first games starting. I can email the sheet to whoever wants it, and IF and only IF you have a paypal account, you can paypal me the entry fee

I will likely create a forum or something to keep everyone updated that cares on the progress of who is winning and what not.

Best overall record will win, with the tie breaker being the title game score

If interested, let me know

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