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Post  MaccMane24 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:06 am

Oklahoma State - 38 Kansas State - 24

The first half (more specifically the 2nd quarter) started off a bit shaky for the OK ST. Cowboys. Some confusion on special teams gave Kansas State great field position leading to 21 2nd quarter points that would eventually give them a 21-14 lead and had a few defensive stops after that, that made the experts look a bit silly through most of the second quarter.

"Games can be lost in the first half. But all games are won in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Our confidence was a little bit lacking through the 2nd quarter, but Brandon and Adrian fixed that with a 77 yard bomb," Coach Macc had to say.

"Well we were down 7, we forced a fumble and on the very next drive got intercepted. We battled, battled, battled and forced them to a three and out. The minute I saw the ball in the air in the form of a punt, I walked right over to our offensive guys and told them we've got a little over a minute left and we need a score before the half is over. Next thing I know, Adrian's streaking down the left side and Brandon puts the ball right in his hands," said Coach Macc.

The Cowboy defence allowed a total of 192 yards and over 300 yards on Kick Offs. The Cowboys refused to let Kansas State rack up more than 50 yards rushing allowing them only 41 yards on the ground and 151 in the air for the second week not giving up more than 300+ through the air. Johnny Thomas the teams FS has stepped up throughout the first half of the season recording all of the tackles when the Cowboys need them most.

"I can't say enough about this kid. All of the publicity he's got right now, being named an impact player early this kid makes up for this each and every week. He'll be told to drop back into cover 1 or cover 2 and next thing you know they try and sneak a toss in behind us and all you can see is Johnny running full blast at the play, most of the time making the big tackle in the back field. If you throw it up anywhere around him to keep him on his heels, you're running the risk of having a pick 6 ran right back on you. He defenitely makes offences respect our pass defence, regardless of the numbers we put up early in the season,"

Coach Macc introduced a 3-4 defensive look last week against the Sooners and didn't talk much about it last week. We asked him how he felt about it.

"Well, firstly we've done a ton of revamping on defence. We've realized that we have many play makers on our depth chart. Many weren't seeing much of the field while some were seeing too much. We've realized we have some energy guys who come out full blast each and every play. We've got a ton of playmakers at the line backer position so we feel that it's our best bet to keep 4 out there as much as possible. We've also kept a close eye on our D-Line and told them the minute they can't go 100% to switch out, for the most part it's worked only having guys out there who can go full blast,"

Travis Miller put up 133 yards on the day on 20 touches and Kyle Staley put up 47 yards on 3 touches with 2 touchdowns, one coming on a Wildcat formation where Staley came from the WR position, took the hand off and took off down the field for 40 yards into the endzone.

"We've had tons of success with that formation this year. Our running backs understand it and our guys upfront know they've got to block, block, block to make it work. If we hit our blocks, you see results like Kyle tying the game,"

Staley whose now used specifically as a goal-line guy loves his role. He couldn't be happier with going in when it's less than 10 yards to the goal line, in fact he enjoys the challenge with all eyes on him.

"Everyone knows I'm a power runner. Not many know how to tackle me. It's a good equation that usually ends up in sucess for our team, which is my #1 goal," Staley said.

Weeden had a cold day only passing 14-29 with 2 TDs 254 yards but allowing the Kansas State defence to pick him off 3 times.

"Nobody expected the game to be that close. Especially off our huge win last week in Oklahoma. They knew that we'd sleep on them a bit and it played right into their strategy of trying to go over top of us the entire game. Thankfully our D didn't let any big bombs and let them run away with the game. Pressure from Nigel Nicolas' side all day forced a couple picks and great field position each time. Our defence is defenitely stepping up HUGE lately and a lot of our success is owed to them," Weeden had to say.

Things look like their back on the right foot for the Cowboys who are extremely confident going into the second half of the season.

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