Oklahoma State vs TCU

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Oklahoma State vs TCU

Post  MaccMane24 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:32 pm

The Horned Frogs hosted us this week and boy were my boys not ready. The offense looked SOLID at the beginning of the game, quick strikes to our experienced wide outs proved to be far too tough for the TCU Secondary. The Horned Frogs answered right back with some dump passes to running backs that were elusive enough to slip tackles from outside linebackers, eventually being stopped by our safetys. The had some clutch third down conversions and slipped sure tackles behind the line resulting in enough yardage to keep their drives going. In the 4th quarter it was extremely exciting I think both teams had put 7 points on the board and I had a 7 point lead with TCU in my Red Zone less than a minute on the clock. This drive they pulled off was CRAZY, this slider combination is defenitely result of some REDICULOUS catches and animations I had never seen before. They looked cool so I was only so pissed but felt I got generally screwed had double coverage both times and the WR made some sideways leap to pull the ball out of my safeties hands for what would've been the game ending play. I backed my defence off and almost let them score keeping 40 seconds on the clock in a tie game with two TOs left. My returner gave us great field position on the Frogs side of the 50 and came up again with a CLUTCH catch on third down to put my field goal kicker WELL in range. I let the time run instead of risking a sack or tackle for loss and even though TCU tried Icing my kicker the kick was good to take the game in the dying seconds. Great game.

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